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Being a white person between Africans

Posted: 2nd Oktober 2010 by Bellusci in Arrival

The title may sound a little racist to people who are used to living in multicultural environments, and I apologise should anybody feel offended by this topic. Besides, this subject may be seen as ‘politically incorrect’, therefore I like to explain that personally I grew up in a place where hardly any non-white Europeans were […]

Two weeks later

Posted: 29th September 2010 by Bellusci in Arrival

The Internet is enormously weak and we are glad if it goes at all. We were nearly one week offline in the office, but this may also be the poor IT service provider, or the fact that in the office nobody felt responsible for sorting it out. I saw restaurants which offer wireless Broadband, where […]


Posted: 29th September 2010 by Bellusci in Arrival

We arrived in Uganda in March 2009; I with a working contract as a development worker and my husband as “following” partner. Following an excerpt from an email an to friends dated 17.3.2009: We didn’t have any Internet reception for two days and now I’m sitting on a private laptop of a colleague with satellite […]