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Don’t say anything, go with the flow

Posted: 28th Januar 2011 by Bellusci in Challenges

I often hear from (ex-) colleagues, friends and acquaintances some unbelievable stories about their work and daily life but when I ask whether they mind if I describe and publish these episodes in my blog (anonymously of course), or offer to write an article on their behalf, they normally refuse. However, a few pieces in […]

Just a Simple Hacking Attack?

Posted: 25th Oktober 2010 by Bellusci in Challenges

It is certainly never boring in Uganda. If one doesn’t have to fight corruption, or is faced with insufficiently trained or de-motivated colleagues and co-workers, or is frustrated by the quality of some products, or has the excitement of finding a green mamba in the garden, then for a change you may be faced with […]