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Snake in the Fridge

Posted: 22nd März 2011 by Bellusci in Miscellaneous

Last night was rather exciting because we discovered a snake which had probably lived for a very long time in the back of our refrigerator. It was a very beautiful animal, no question, but to leave it there was out of question! Once we realized that the snake was almost 2-meters long, there was no […]

Wildlife in our Garden

Posted: 20th März 2011 by Bellusci in Miscellaneous

Particularly fascinating is the wildlife in Uganda. Last night our dog went crazy and began barking and trying to leap up one of the tall trees in our garden. When we investigated, there was a Serval (wild) cat looking down on us from above. It had a very small head with huge pointy ears, a […]

Ugandan Special Carpentry

Posted: 13th März 2011 by Bellusci in Miscellaneous

Surely everyone has in their lives “knocked something together” for the sole purpose of assembling something with a practical goal for quick usage, without paying particular importance to the quality or execution of the work, like a shelf for the workshop.

Elections in Uganda

Posted: 25th Februar 2011 by Bellusci in Miscellaneous

The elections and the possibility of riots were not only worrying for expatriates but also many Ugandans. Most of my expatriate-friends left the country for holidays to nearby destinations such as Zanzibar or Kenya, or even left for their home countries. Their houses were firmly locked, security was increased and away they went. Many offices […]

Don’t say anything, go with the flow

Posted: 28th Januar 2011 by Bellusci in Challenges

I often hear from (ex-) colleagues, friends and acquaintances some unbelievable stories about their work and daily life but when I ask whether they mind if I describe and publish these episodes in my blog (anonymously of course), or offer to write an article on their behalf, they normally refuse. However, a few pieces in […]

eShop – Arts & Crafts from Uganda

Posted: 25th Januar 2011 by Bellusci in e-shop

As a result of some of my posts I am addressed now and then as to whether I can source commodities from Uganda and provide an e-shop with Ugandan arts and crafts products. So far, interest has been expressed to me particularly in jewellery items, decorative articles, bags and toys. Therefore, I have in the […]

Football Mania

Posted: 2nd Januar 2011 by Bellusci in Miscellaneous

There is hardly a Ugandan male who is not fanatical about the English Premiership. Arsenal is the most popular team closely followed by Manchester United, and then smaller support for teams like Chelsea and Liverpool. Many, many of the local mini-bus and motorcycle taxis are adorned with the clubs’ logos or team names splashed across […]

Merry Christmas

Posted: 24th Dezember 2010 by Bellusci in Miscellaneous

We cannot offer pictures of snow-covered cars, roads or houses but instead a few pictures of flowering bushes and trees in our garden. . It is really difficult to get into a Christmas mood while sitting on the terrace in 30 degree temperatures. Besides, there is little recognisable Christmas decoration in Uganda; the only indication […]

To Serve Man

Posted: 12th Dezember 2010 by Bellusci in Discovery

I just watched Twilight Zone, Episode No. 89 To Serve Man (1962). The story is set in what appears to be the present time (i.e., 1962), in cold war America. Aliens „Kanamit“ came to Earth and they communicate the purpose of their mission „to bring to you the peace and plenty which we ourselves enjoy, […]

We still live in Uganda…

Posted: 11th Dezember 2010 by Bellusci in Miscellaneous

Friends are enquiring, “why is it so quiet on your blog..?” Herewith an article in response… While it’s snowing in Germany and the cold spell lingers in Europe, I’m sitting, as usual, in thin clothing on my terrace in the new house glad that it’s finally evening and the heat of the day has passed. […]