Two weeks later

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The Internet is enormously weak and we are glad if it goes at all. We were nearly one week offline in the office, but this may also be the poor IT service provider, or the fact that in the office nobody felt responsible for sorting it out.

I saw restaurants which offer wireless Broadband, where you can come along with your laptop, but since I still wait for my firm laptop I have not tried that out yet. Thus more patience is announced.

Yesterday it finally rained, the heat over the last few days has become unbearable. During days around 30 degrees and at night around 26. For approx. half an hour it poured as if buckets of water were thrown out and now the air is somewhat fresher.

Otherwise everything is very normally here, too often nearly too European. Meals are quite nice and it is the first time in my life that I pay less for beef than for chicken meat. A kilogram finest beef filet, absolutely fresh, costs no more than around 3 EUR! Altogether food is very good… We’ve got a Pizzaria around the corner with an open stone oven, and I must admit that I never ate a Pizza as good as here … one must travel to Uganda to get a decent pica 🙂

Translation of an email to friends, dated 25.3.2010